Being prepared is half the battle in any emergency.

Does your workplace, home or organization have the supplies needed in the case of an emergency? Creative Healthcare Management can help you plan for any emergency with quality safety products and emergency supplies, to ensure the safety of your family, friends, associates and employees.

AED’s (defibrillators) have proven to save lives in case of cardiac arrest. Creative Healthcare Management is a Distributor of Zoll AED, one of the leading suppliers of AED’s

Other Safety Products
Distributor of SafetyMate
SafetyMate is the leading Emergency Instruction Device (EID), providing quick and efficient coaching during a medical emergency.

  • Simple design and easy to follow instructions
  • Reduces panic and confusion
  • Excellent for training or skills refresher
  • Portable
  • Exceeds OSHA compliance standards for safety and first aid
  • Verbal instructions given in English or Spanish
  • School version also available
  • Homeland securty protocolos addresses Expolsions and Threats such as Chemical, Radiation and Biological

Barrier Mask (Adult)
Barrier Mask (Pediatric)

Key Chain Barrier Device
A proven, easy to use, and inexpensive barrier with a one-way mouth valve that prevents direct mouth-to-mouth contact. Suitable for adults and children. The valve also prevents contamination of the outer surface of the mask.

First Responder Kit
The perfect solution for quick access to those supplies you need when you first arrive at the side of a Victim to offer anything from Basic First Aid to CPR and allows for cleanup meeting OSHA Guidelines.


  • Disposable Gloves
  • Ambu Rescue Mask
  • Bandage Scissors
  • Instant Cold Compress
  • 4×4 Dressing
  • Eye Patch
  • Oral Glucose Gel
  • Triple Antibiotic Ointment
  • First Aid Burn Cream
  • Emergency Blanket 53”x82”
  • BioHazard Waste Bag

First Aid Kits
Creative Healthcare Management can customize a first aid kit, with the specialized products that you need in your place of business or organization.

Other Emergency Supplies

  • Latex Gloves
  • Emergency Lights
  • Emergency Blankets
  • Customized Emergency/First Aid Kits for Home, Auto, Business and Recreation
  • Weatherproof/Waterproof Cases

Return Policy
Returns will be handled on an individual basis directly with Product Manufacturer. All Manufacturer Warranties are provided with sale of product.

For more information on any of our products, please contact us by e-mail or call at 770-315-5357.