Q?CPR has changed so much. Do you still do rescue breathing?

The American Heart Association last made changes to CPR in 2010 with a new focus on “CAB” which refers to starting with Compressions FIRST, then Airway and Breathing with a barrier device.

See attached Summary of CPR and AED

Q?What is an AED?

An Automated External Defibrillator is a Portable life-saving Device that can be used when a victim is unresponsive.  It will determine the heart rhythm and advise the rescuer whether CPR and/or a Shock is needed.  If available to the victim within 3-5 minutes of a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) it may improve survival rates 2-3 times CPR alone.

Q?What type of CPR do I need?

Please see descriptions for the CPR Courses Offered.  Occupations are listed with the appropriate Course